Advance Care Planning Policy for Adults in Northern Ireland

Closed 11 Mar 2022

Opened 17 Dec 2021


The Department of Health is undertaking a consultation on a draft Advance Care Planning Policy for Adults in Northern Ireland and related Equality Impact Assessment.

This policy will provide a framework for Advance Care Planning for adults (aged 18 years and over), focusing on the health and social care aspects.  It has been developed to support a person to have greater choice and control over decisions, including plans for their future care and treatment.  A person’s Advance Care Planning conversations, and any recommendations and/or decisions, will be used should a person become unable to make the relevant decisions for themselves at any point. 

Why your views matter

The draft policy has been developed using a co-production approach with extensive stakeholder engagement and input.  Stakeholders included service users, carers, interested members of the public, and those from community and voluntary organisations, research/academia, health and social care professionals and their representative bodies.

The next phase of engagement is to complete a public consultation and we now seek further views on the draft Advance Care Planning policy and Equality Impact Assessment.

You can read the full documents below in the 'Related Documents Section';

  1. Advance Care Planning Policy Consultation Document
  2. Draft Advance Care Planning Policy for Adults in Northern Ireland
  3. Draft Equality Impact Assessment (EQIA)
  4. Early Stakeholder Engagement Report

If you require any additional support or access arrangement telephone number 02895 368542 can be used to speak directly to a Patient and Client Council  operator (Monday - Friday, 9am-5pm).  For Alternative Languages and Accessible Formats Alternative Languages and Accessible Formats | Department of Health (

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