If you have a query specifically about, or in relation to, the survey, consultation or form you have completed on this site, please use the contact details within that survey, consultation or form. These details will be found at the right hand side of each screen. 

Citizen Space is the NICS recommended online Consultation tool. It can also be used for surveys (as distinct from consultation).

  • Citizen Space is the NICS recommended online Consultation tool and preferred surveying tool.  It should be used within The NICS and is available for all NICS Departments and NDPBs to use.
  • Other survey tools may only be used in exception, in line with the NICS online consultation and survey policy, and the Business Areas Information Asset Owners (IAO) must accept the identified risks.  

Further information regarding The Citizen Space Platform, its security measures or how to create an admin account, is available by contacting citizenspace@finance-ni.gov.uk

If you are considering conducting a survey (as opposed to a consultation), you should in the first instance speak to your departmental NISRA representative, who can advise on surveys and provide you with a new survey notification form to be completed (for external surveys).

Please note that NISRA or NISRA representatives do not provide advice on Citizen Space. All queries regarding Citizen Space should be directed to DoF Citizen Space Enquiries.

Data held on the system is automatically backed up on an hourly basis, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.