Perinatal Mortality Review Tool (PMRT) - Parental Engagement Form

Closes 31 Aug 2023

Opened 6 Sep 2022


Why is a review important?

In the coming months a team of health professionals at the hospital will hold a meeting and review your and your baby’s care. This review process will help us explain to you what happened and why your baby died.

The learning from the review of every baby’s death is important to help us improve services for women and their babies in the future.

Why your views matter

Involving you

As parents, your thoughts and questions are very important and it would be helpful if you felt able to share your experience or any questions you have about your care with us before we carry out the review. 

This form is designed to help you think about any questions or comments you may have about aspects of your and your baby’s care. 

Any feedback you give us will help the hospital team to review your care and ensure we address your questions as best as we can.

Please tell us your experience


  • Service users/patients


  • Improvement of health and social care services