Recruitment EOI of Service User, Carer & Family Representatives for Transforming Medication Safety in Northern Ireland

Closes 4 Jun 2024

Opened 7 May 2024



We are looking for two individuals with lived experience of our healthcare system in Northern Ireland to work with us to help shape and develop how we can transform Medication Safety here.

Transforming Medication Safety in Northern Ireland is a strategic plan set out by the Department of Health in NI in response to the World Health Organisation (WHO) global challenge, ‘Medication Without Harm.’

By getting involved, you could help us improve this important aspect of health and social care.

The programme aims to create a medication safety improvement culture for the population of NI, to optimise safe use of medication and reduce risk of medication related harm. The strategic plan sets a number of key commitments to help us achieve this.


Why your views matter

The Strategic Planning and Performance Group of the Department of Health (SPPG) is seeking two individuals to join its Communication, Awareness, Promotion and Engagement (CAPE) Group, which has been set up and tasked with increasing public awareness of the importance of using medication safely and supporting people to be more involved in decisions about their medication.

Working together with people from different parts of the health system, you will play an important role, in developing medication safety campaigns to be applied across the health and social care (HSC) system in Northern Ireland.

SPPG is seeking your input based on your lived experience and unique views and perspectives as a service user, carer or family member.

In the role you will:

  • Bring your views and perspectives as a service user, carer or family member.
  • Work respectively and collaboratively in partnership with others, respecting their views and opinions in open and honest discussion.
  • Bring constructive and positive engagement and challenge with a focus on the common purpose of the Group which is to increase medication safety awareness across the system.
  • You may be invited to co-chair the Group and will be supported in this role, if content to take on this position.
  • Attend, prepare for, and participate in meetings. These will mostly be hosted online and occasionally in-person at locations to be finalised. We will work with you to accommodate accessibility requirements.
  • It is anticipated that the CAPE Group will meet every two months (frequency of meetings will be kept under review). However, it is likely that you will be invited to other meetings and workshops as part of this work.
  • Maintain confidentiality in respect of all discussions and information provided to you while working on the programme.

Applications are invited from people with the following skills and experience:

  • Experience of having been personally affected or close to individuals having to take multiple medicines.
  • and/or where there have been occasions where you have had to make decisions either for yourself or others in the decision to initiate treatments, order prescriptions, dispensing,
  • administering or monitoring the use of regular medications in the last 5 years, and/or a general interest in medication safety and improvement of Health and Social Care services.
  • Experience of respectfully discussing and communicating your views, working constructively with others as part of a group. Experience of chairing a meeting would also be of benefit. 
  • A positive and solution/ task focused outlook and an ability to be objective.
  • An interest and ability to review and consider a range of information (you will be supported with this as required).
  • Commitment to open and inclusive discussion, and to maintaining confidentiality.
  • Have the time to prepare for and participate in meetings and review papers.

Recruitment of Service User, Carer & family Representative for the Tramsforming Medication Safety in Northern Ireland Programme


  • Service users/patients


  • Patient/service user advocacy