Evaluation of how effective Pregnancy and Early Postnatal Plans are within the Maternity Setting

Closed 24 May 2023

Opened 24 Apr 2023

Results expected 31 May 2023

Feedback expected 11 Sep 2023


The aim is to evaluate how effective Pregnancy and Early Postnatal Plans are used to communicate the specific needs of women with serious mental health illness within the Maternity care setting.

Why your views matter

Midwives are the largest professional group caring for women within maternity care settings.  Therefore it is important that midwives feel well supported to interpret the information shared by the specialist mental health team about the women accessing perinatal mental health pathway of care.

What happens next

The results will be shared at the Perinatal Mental Health Workshop to be facilitated by Dr Connolly and Dr Anderson and team for Maternity Staff within NHSCT.


  • HSCNI Staff


  • Improvement of health and social care services