Social Care Council - Review of Level 2&3 Diplomas in Health & Social Care NI - Employer Survey 2024

Closed 22 Mar 2024

Opened 28 Feb 2024


The Department of Health (DoH) has commissioned a review of the RQF Level 2 and Level 3 Diplomas in Health and Social Care, currently offered within Northern Ireland.  Northern Ireland Social Care Council is the regulatory body for the social care workforce, with a delegated statutory function in relation to training and occupational standards for the social care workforce.  Therefore, the Department of Health has tasked the Social Care Council to undertake this qualifications review on their behalf, in collaboration with key stakeholders across the sector.  

As an employer and of social care services to adults in NI, your perception and confidence in the Vocational Qualifications offered to those engaged as social care workers is important. Your feedback to this review will ensure that the development of qualifications is informed and shaped by sectoral needs.  

This survey is made up of 25 questions and should take 10-15 minutes to complete.  We would appreciate if you could complete the survey before 5pm on Friday 22 March 2024.

If you have any queries about the management of this survey, please contact our Evaluation Manager  

If you have would like to talk directly to the Workforce Development Team about this review, please contact

Thank you.

Catherine Maguire

Head of Workforce Development, Northern Ireland Social Care Council

Why your views matter

Your feedback will be a key part of this review.  It will help us to ensure these qualifications continue to provide the skills and knowledge required for social care workers to practise safely and effectively in their adult social care roles.

What happens next

This was survey was be open from 28 February-22 March 2024.  Response will be used to inform the review of Level 2&3 Diplomas in Health and Social Care (NI). 

Please contact our Evaluation Manager if you need further information about this survey.


  • Service users/patients
  • Carers
  • General Public
  • Advocate groups
  • Community/Voluntary sector organisations
  • Health and social care providers – statutory
  • Health and social care providers – non-statutory
  • Health and social care staff
  • Health and social care regulators
  • Staff representatives/Unions


  • Regulation of health and social care
  • Customer Service Excellence