Copy of Experience of Consultation Process with CHPS (consultation only- 2022-2023)

Closes 31 Mar 2023

How we look after your information

Privacy Notice

In order for the Northern Health and Social Care Trust (NHSCT) to ensure the aims of the Clinical Health Psychology Service (CHPS) consultation process are being met, we need to evaluate your experience. Personal information that we process about you is governed by the Data Protection Act 2018 and The UK General Data Protection Regulation (UKGDPR).

We collect this information to help ensure the quality of the Service provided to you and others is of the highest standard.  Other reasons your feedback may be used include:

  • Preparing  statistics on the Trust’s activity and performance
  • Training and educating staff by helping them review the care they provide
  • Providing anonymised data, for example to the Department of Health, Public Health Agency or the Health and Social Care Board to inform service development

We only collect the information we need to.  This will include how you felt throughout the consultation process, your perception of its usefulness and, where applicable, your experience of undertaking the consultation via telephone/video link. As this survey is anonymous, you will not be asked to disclose any personal data and the information you do share here will be processed in a way that does not identify you.

We will retain your information in line with specific guidance issued by the Department of Health in Northern Ireland. Your response to this survey will be retained for one year, after which it will be deleted. If you want to find out more about retention of your records, you can contact staff or view the “Good Management, Good Records” section under “Disposal Schedule” on the Department of Health’s website.

At NHSCT we take your privacy seriously. Staff will only access your response to this survey on a strict ‘need to know’ basis. All staff have a legal duty to keep your information safe and confidential and are aware of their responsibilities in regards to your privacy. Any organisation we share your anonymised data with is also bound by legislation to ensure information is handled correctly. In compliance with legislation the Trust has a range of measures in place to protect electronically held information.

Please note, before submitting your completed survey, Citizen Space will offer you the opportunity to provide your email address in order to send a copy of your responses to you. Doing so is entirely optional. Should you provide your email address, it will NOT be used as a personal identifier. This ensures your responses will remain anonymous.

If you want to know more about how we use your information or if you are unhappy with any aspect of how we use your information, you may contact:

Information Governance Department

Causeway House

8e Coleraine Road

Ballymoney, BT53 6BP


Tel: 028 2766 1293

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