Social Care Council Pilot for Level 2 Certificate - Social Care Worker Starter Survey - Spring 2024

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Closes 15 Jul 2024


Hello and thank you for taking time to contribute to the Social Care Council pilot project for the Level 2 Certificate in Safe and Effective Practice. This is the first of two surveys which all participants must complete as they progress through the certificate programme.

Responses to this initial survey will provide an estimate of each participant’s knowledge of the topics which make up the new certificate.  A  further survey will be used to track development of the participant’s knowledge and understanding as they complete  the certificate programme.  Feedback from all those involved in the pilot will help identify any areas of improvement required before the certificate is made widely available across Northern Ireland.

Participants are being asked to complete this survey within one week of receiving their survey link.  If you need any assistance to complete the survey, or would like more information about the evaluation of the pilot, please email Andre McKeown, Social Care Council Evaluation Manager, at for advice.

The Social Care Council will hold your information securely for the duration of the project.  Your data will be disposed of in line with all GDPR requirements once the project and assessments are completed (maximum of 3 years). All responses will be anonymised and no-one will be identified in any report regarding the project outcomes. Personal identifiable data is used only at the outset to provide assurance that responses have been provided for all those competing the certificate as part of the pilot.

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