NISRA Corporate Plan Staff Survey 2024

Closed 15 May 2024

Opened 7 May 2024


NISRA’s Corporate Plan Staff Survey 2024

You are invited to take part in this survey which gives you the chance to tell us how you feel about the Draft NISRA Corporate Plan 2024 – 2029.

As per previous all-staff communications, the current Corporate Plan ran to the end of March 2024: a new Corporate Plan is therefore needed to set the direction for the Agency for the next five years (2024 – 2029).

This is an important period for NISRA. There are significant changes in the data and digital landscapes coming – both specific to NI and more broadly – which will impact on what statistics, analysis and services we can produce.

The Corporate Plan has been through several iterations and Agency Board discussions. A Senior Managers Forum was held late last year to take on further feedback, and more recently, your Head of Branches will have met with you to discuss your opinions.

However to ensure full coverage and to give everyone the opportunity to offer their opinion we now want to widen out our consultation and ask everyone for their comments and input on the current draft.

Please note the data gathered is confidential, will be treated as Management Information and be used for internal purposes only.


  • DOJ Staff
  • DFC Staff
  • DFI Staff
  • DoF Staff
  • DE Staff
  • DfE Staff
  • DAERA Staff
  • TEO Staff
  • DOH Staff
  • HSCNI Staff
  • PHA Staff
  • ICT Grades


  • Engagement