Consultation on changes to NISRA's statistical outputs

Closes 15 Oct 2023


This consultation seeks views from users and stakeholders on a range of proposed changes to our statistical outputs which are set out in detail in our consultation document This consultation includes statistical outputs which we propose will: 

  1.   be suspended until further notice.
  2.   be scaled back in frequency or in their content.
  3.   be delayed from their planned publication dates.

These proposals have been designed to minimise the impact on our users. Most of the proposals involve scaling back our releases – either by reducing supporting analysis, or by reducing their frequency – but retaining the core datasets on which we know users depend. We have only proposed stopping statistical outputs as a last resort, and only where we believe the data are being put to limited or low impact uses. 

However, this consultation is an opportunity for you to provide feedback on these proposals and to tell us how these changes would impact on you, your work and your organisation. We want to understand how the proposed changes would affect our users and to make changes with as little disruption as possible.