Review of energy efficiency requirements and related areas of Building Regulations

Closes 15 Nov 2023

Opened 26 Jul 2023


This consultation represents ‘Phase 2’ in a programme for energy related aspects of the Building Regulations, published in the Executive’s Energy Strategy. 

This consultation is technical in parts and assumes a reasonable familiarity with the current Building Regulations application processes, the technicalities of assessments and typical building outcomes.

Section 2 outlines the background context and issues that impact this work.

Section 3 (dwellings) and section 4 (buildings other than dwellings) offer a detailed pre-consultation on potential next steps (‘Phase 3’) to address ─

  • Part F (Conservation of fuel and power)
  • Part K (Ventilation)
  • overheating risks in dwellings
  • electric vehicle (EV) infrastructure to parking spaces at buildings.

Section 5 investigates potential directions for later phases.

Section 6 considers additional matters, such as embodied carbon, sizing of new homes and issues within the current energy assessment methodologies which could impact the assessment regime.

The document examines policy developments elsewhere as a basis for potential developments here. The pace at which moves towards low carbon heating expectations for new buildings should occur here is one important theme.

Why your views matter

The Department is seeking your views on these matters and the other amendments as proposed to the local Building Regulations through this consultation. 

Your views and evidence will help inform uplifts to the energy related aspects of building regulations over the coming decade. 

It is not compulsory to answer all of the questions, so you can take part in the consultation even if you do not have views on all of the above issues. The answers you give will inform the development of final policy proposals and legislation, so we would encourage you to take this opportunity to have your say.

Privacy Notice 

The Data Protection Act 2018 states that, as a government department, DoF may process personal data as necessary for the effective performance of a task carried out in the public interest. i.e. a consultation. In addition to the statutory requirement in the Building Order to consult on building regulations matters there is an expectation of appropriate public consultation on substantive changes to the Building Regulations.

Your personal data is being collected as an essential part of the consultation process, so that we can contact you regarding your response and for statistical purposes. We may also use it to contact you about related matters.

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