Water and Sewerage Charges - Options for revenue raising consultation

Closes 13 Mar 2024

Opened 7 Dec 2023


On 20 September 2023 the Secretary of State for Northern Ireland wrote to Permanent Secretaries of NI departments directing that they launch public consultations on measures to support budget sustainability by raising additional revenue. 

This consultation, which has had its content approved by the Secretary of State for Northern Ireland provides different options to generate revenue through charges for water and sewerage services in Northern Ireland, with a focus on providing sustainable public finances.  It sets out and seeks views on the main pathways through which water and sewerage charging could be introduced, how a relief scheme to protect vulnerable people might be developed and how charging might be billed and collected. It also considers three other revenue raising options: the removal of the domestic allowance for non-domestic customers; charging customers for domestic septic tank desludging; and recovering the cost of roads drainage from all customers.

Before completing this consultation, please ensure that you have read the consultation document which provides more detailed information on the options presented in the questions.  This can be found on the Department for Infrastructure consultation web page.

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