Water Resource and Supply Resilience Plan 2024 Consultation

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Closes 24 May 2024

Changes From Previous Plan

1. Are you responding to this consultation as an individual or representing an organisation?
2. Our plan includes an increased planning horizon from 25 years out to 50 years, which is intended to try to take account of future longer term climate change impacts and demographic changes. Do you agree with this approach?
3. NI Water is planning to transition from a current Level of Service (LoS) of 1 in 40 to be resilient to 1 in 200-year droughts in the future (0.5% probability of exceedance in any year). Is this transition to provide a higher level of service and associated increased resilience important to you?
4. The changes to the Level of Service (LoS) referenced in Q2 are as a result of the impact of our current understanding of increasing risk from climate change and the perceived increased expectations of customers for resilience of water supplies. Are you aware of other risk factors that could potentially impact our resilience in future?
5. Our plan includes a planned 5% reduction in leakage below the Sustainable Economic Level of Leakage. (The Sustainable Economic Level of Leakage (SELL) is the optimum level of leakage, when balancing both the cost of leakage management and the cost of lost water. This incorporates internal costs, and also external costs such as the cost of carbon). Do you support this leakage reduction policy?
6. Our new plan considers an “adaptive” approach, where we acknowledge future uncertainty in factors such as climate change impact and population growth; we prepare plans for a range of future outcomes but only invest when it becomes clear there is a need to do so. Do you consider this is an appropriate approach?