Farm Innovation Visit Scheme- Improving Efficiencies & Technologies on upland and lowland sheep farms including the use of EID, EBVs and labour efficiency

Closes 12 Dec 2022

Opened 28 Nov 2022


The Department of Agriculture, Environment and Rural Affairs (DAERA) is offering sheep  farmers the opportunity to travel to the Loch Lomond region of  Scotland to learn about the latest technologies and efficiencies being utilised on Scottish sheep farms.   These farms are utilising the latest technologies and management techniques to improve their farm efficiencies.


As part of the visit the group will be able to see from the latest Scottish Rural College (SRUC) research and demonstration activities on how precision livestock farming approaches can be used to address agricultural and environmental challenges on a larger more detailed scale than in NI.  The visit will also strive to demonstrate how the effective use and uptake of EID recording of sheep on NI farms can help to improve their resilience in the future.


In addition, the trip will also take in the view how, by using modern genetic selection approaches – such as Estimated Breeding Values (EBVs) – that the productivity, profitability and environmental footprint of sheep flocks on mountain farms can be enhanced.  This can also be used across lowland units equally.


The tour will include visits to 4 sheep farms over three days.  It is proposed to fly to Glasgow from Belfast International Airport.  The first day will be spent with the Scottish Rural College at the Hill and Mountain Research Centre looking at their research work into EID (Electronic Identification) and recording as well as upalnd grassland improvement and biodiversity.  The second day will be spent on a large scale sheep flock where numerous technologies have been adopted, such as grass measuring,  fam magnagement software, Te-pari dosing sytem and multi-species sward incorporation.  The final day will involve a visit to the hill farm of Bobby Lennox who has been flock recording for over 40 years and who has also diversified in toagri-tourism.  In addition the final day will include a visit to the Glasgow Veterinary School farm to view their latets research findings on such aspects as ewe fetility and mineral supplementation.


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