CAFRE, FSA Nutritional Sampling Questionnaire

Closed 31 Jan 2024

Opened 24 Oct 2023


RE: A Project being conducted by FSA NI and CAFRE to analyse the nutrient content and portion size of ice- cream and gelato sold in parlours across Northern Ireland. 
It would be appreciated if you could spare ~ 5 mins to complete the questionnaire as this data collection will be important to analyse information on ice-cream and gelato on sale in parlours across Northern Ireland and determine typical portion sizes. Thus, informing the technical reformulation guidance which will provide the ice-cream and gelato industry with practical recommendations to reduce calories, sugar and saturated fat. CAFRE will also deliver a workshop in partnership with FSA NI to showcase the healthier recipes in practice. The data collected will be held securely and in confidence, the identification will be coded to ensure it remains anonymous. Your input is greatly appreciated, thank you. 


  • All stakeholders


  • Higher Education