Public Consultation for services for those who have been bereaved by suicide

Closed 9 Apr 2023

Opened 16 Jan 2023


Public Consultation for services for those who have been bereaved by suicide (postvention services)

Protect Life 2: A Strategy for Preventing Suicide and Self Harm in Northern Ireland 2019 – 2024 (PL2) was formally launched on 10 September 2019. The Strategy contains 2 key aims and 10 objectives and can be viewed here.

The Public Health Agency (PHA) wish to engage with stakeholders on a proposed model of support for people who have been bereaved by suicide; these are called post-vention services. Post-vention services aim to provide a consistent, compassionate approach to supporting those bereaved or affected by suicide, including family and social circle within the funding available.  This service will meet the following objective within PL2.

Objective 9: Ensure the provision of effective support for those who are exposed to suicide or suicidal behaviour;

Action: (9.1) providing a consistent compassionate approach to supporting those bereaved/ affected by suicide, including family and social circle. 

This consultation builds on the findings of the pre-consultation held in-between 15 February and 11 April 2021 and subsequent publication of the evidence review and discussion paper which can be found in the related documents section below.   

What is postvention: 

The term postvention describes activities developed by, with, or for people who have been bereaved by suicide, to support their recovery and to prevent adverse outcomes, including suicide and suicidal ideation (Support after a suicide: A guide to providing local services by public health England, Oct 2016)

A postvention service is an intervention conducted after a suicide, largely taking the form of support for the bereaved family, friends, professionals and peers.


Proposed Model

The proposed model of support will:

  • Be trauma informed
  • Support relational-based approaches
  • Recognise that grief experienced by those beavered or affected by suicide is unique and non-linear, therefore will not adopt a ‘one size fits all model’
  • Will provide personalised support based on the needs of each individual, recognising these may change over time.

Related events

We will host a number of public events as part of the consultation process. Details of the events are listed below. If you wish to find out more information or register to attend one of these events please email

2pm Wednesday 1 February – Western Area

10am  Thursday 9 February – Southern Area

2pm Wednesday 1 March – South Eastern Area

10am Thursday 2 March – Online event

2pm Wednesday 8 March – Northern Area

6.30pm Monday 13 March – Online event

10am Tuesday 21 March – Belfast Area


Related Documents


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