EWTS PARENT Baseline 2024/2025

Closes 1 Oct 2024

Opened 15 May 2024


The Emotional Wellbeing Teams in Schools (EWTS) programme is part of the implementation of the Children and Young People’s Emotional Health and Wellbeing in Education Framework. The main focus is to provide overarching
guidelines to support school staff to help them promote emotional wellbeing and strengthen self-esteem and resilience in their pupils. The EWTS will work with the
schools to offer support for capacity development in areas related to emotional wellbeing.


Why your views matter

This programme is part of the implementation of the Children & Young People's Emotional Health and Wellbeing in Education Framework. We have asked the school staff in your child(ren)'s school what areas they would like to training in or have more awareness in and now we want to know your thoughts.

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