Staff Survey on the Impact of Care Opinion in Health and Social Care in Northern Ireland (HSCNI)

Closed 30 Nov 2023

Opened 13 Nov 2023


The Online User Feedback Service (OUFS), Care Opinion was launched in Northern Ireland on 03 August 2020 providing opportunity for service users, families and carers to share feedback on their experiences of any service within Health and Social Care in Northern Ireland (HSCNI). Commissioned by the Department of Health the OUFS enables feedback which is open and transparent supporting services to engage with the voice of service users, families and carers through a two-way feedback mechanism. The Care Opinion platform supports feedback to be shared safely as all stories are independently moderated prior to publication on the website

The implementation of Care Opinion in Northern Ireland is now in Phase 3 - Embedding an Online User Feedback Service into culture at service level of every organisation across the region.

By completing this short survey we can continue to provide and demonstrate the use and impact Care Opinion has across our services.


  • Health and social care staff


  • Improvement of health and social care services