Minimum Unit Pricing of Alcohol in Northern Ireland - A Consultation

Closed 7 Jun 2022

Opened 22 Feb 2022


This consultation invites views from across society on proposals to introduce legislation to enact Minimum Unit Pricing (MUP) of Alcohol in Northern Ireland. Everyone with an interest is encouraged to read the policy document and respond to the consultation.  You can access the relevant documentation on the DoH website at:

Your views are sought on:

•     the overall policy aim of reducing the harm alcohol causes;

•     if, of the pricing options considered, MUP for alcohol is the most effective way of achieving the policy aim;

•     what information or evidence should be considered when setting a MUP for alcohol and the level MUP should be set at initially;

•     if the level of the MUP should be varied over time and, if so, how;

•     the mechanisms for setting the MUP, including the formula and how it will be monitored; and

•     any other information that you feel should be taken on board in respect of the policy or the various impact assessments?


Why your views matter

Alcohol use, and particularly the harm that alcohol can cause, has an impact on our whole society. While we often think about the impact high levels of alcohol consumption can have on an individual’s health and wellbeing, even those of you who don’t drink alcohol can be adversely affected – you may be subject to alcohol-related anti-social behaviour, you may have to wait longer at hospital due to pressures brought on by alcohol-related admissions, or you may have to work more to cover alcohol-related absenteeism or colleagues feeling the effects of alcohol use. The harm caused by alcohol use negatively impacts our health, costs us money, reduces productivity, increases the risk of domestic or sexual violence, and increases crime. Its impact is felt by individuals, families and communities right across Northern Ireland.

What happens next

Following the close of this consultation, responses will be analysed and a summary report will be published online. Depending on the outcome of the consultation, it will then be a matter for the NI Executive to decide on whether or not to proceed with bringing forward primary legislation that would enshrine in law the principle that those holding alcohol licenses in Northern Ireland will have to sell alcohol at no less than a set minimum unit price.


  • Anyone from any background


  • Higher Education