Review of Personnel Employment Statistics in the Northern Ireland Civil Service– Quarterly and Annual Reports

Closed 1 Oct 2023

Opened 4 Sep 2023


The HR Consultancy Services (HRCS) Team within NISRA publishes an annual report Personnel Statistics in the NICS “(please see related link below). This report covers staff numbers, part-time working and grade.  It also includes some data on those who left the NICS during the previous 3 years. 

HRCS also publishes a quarterly Employment in the NICS report “(please see related link below) for users requiring more frequent data on NICS staff as well as GB comparisons. 

Why your views matter

HRCS is now carrying out a review of the quarterly and annual reports to ensure they meet customer needs. Furthermore, we are proposing scaling back the annual report to ensure it is produced as quickly as possible through refining our processes and effectively using available resources.

We are asking for your feedback to help us understand which sections of our reports are important to you and/or your organisation and inform your decision making. Your feedback will help us to prioritise our resources on those outputs that matter most to you.


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