Review of Analysis of NICS Recruitment Competitions Report

Closed 29 Oct 2023

Opened 2 Oct 2023


The HR Consultancy Services (HRCS) Team within NISRA publishes an annual Analysis of NICS Recruitment Competitions report.

This report summarises applications for and appointments from NICS recruitment competitions across various equality categories. Further analysis is presented in the report relating to the various stages of recruitment competitions between application and appointment.

Why your views matter

This is the last in a series of HRCS reviews to ensure that the Recruitment report meets customer needs and is produced as quickly as possible through refining our processes and effectively using available resources. 

We are asking for your feedback to help us understand which sections of our reports are important to you and/or your organisation and inform your decision making. Your feedback will help us to prioritise our resources on those outputs that matter most to you. In the event that we do not receive relevant feedback, the publication will be paused/stopped.


  • Anyone from any background


  • Consultation