LPS Geospatial Training Programme Questionnaire

Closed 4 Mar 2024

Opened 5 Feb 2024


The LPS Geospatial Training Programme was developed and delivered by OSNI to help all LPS staff build a foundational geospatial knowledge and map-based skills ahead of the anticipated greater reliance on mapping data to form the foundation for many of the new processes and solutions being delivered as part of the LPS Digital Transformation (NOVA) Programme.

This questionnaire has been designed to gather your views on the training programme, the relevance of the course content and how useful the training has been to building your knowledge and skills.

Why your views matter

To measure the effectiveness of the training in building staff capability and to gather feedback to refine future training materials, we are seeking feedback from all staff who have completed the training programme.


  • DoF Staff


  • Business Support Division