DfE Mentoring Circles DP Accountants Self-Assessment March 2023

Closed 20 Mar 2023

Opened 10 Mar 2023


DfE Mentoring Circles for DP Accountants - 2023

Mentees Self-Assessment

As part of the evaluation process could you please take a few minutes to complete this self-assessment questionnaire.

Why your views matter

To provide information and support to staff at the DP grade, to seek to help them build relationships and networks, to assist career development, and to create a forum for learning and the sharing of experiences.


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  • Please note that the information gathered by NICSHR via the Citizen Space Survey will be shared with the relevant Staff Engagement & Leadership Branch to assist them in evaluation of this pilot.
  • All data collected will be processed securely, in line with data protection policies and principles, and disposed of at the end of the evaluation.


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