Census 2021 user engagement webinar feedback survey

Closed 30 Nov 2023

Opened 16 Oct 2023


At Census Office for Northern Ireland, we are keen to get your views on our recent user engagement events.

This survey will take approximately 5 minutes to complete and is anonymous.

Why your views matter

By completing this survey, you will help us understand what is important to you when engaging in future conversations about census outputs.

All responses you provide will be kept secure and confidential. To find out more, read the NISRA privacy policy.

If you have any questions, please contact census@nisra.gov.uk

What happens next

Your responses will be used to improve future census events. If you have any questions please contact census@nisra.gov.uk


  • Government Department
  • Local Government
  • Statutory Body
  • Private Sector
  • Research
  • Charity, Community and Voluntary
  • Utility
  • Press/media
  • Genealogist/Family Historian


  • Census
  • Population Statistics
  • Household Statistics
  • Demography
  • Ethnicity
  • Identity
  • Language
  • Religion
  • Health
  • Housing and Accommodation
  • Migration
  • Qualifications
  • Labour Market
  • Travel to Work
  • Travel to Study
  • Sexual Identity
  • NI Summary Statistics