User Survey for Community Transport Organisation Passengers

Closed 31 Jul 2022

Opened 16 Dec 2021


The Department for Infrastructure has provided funding to a number of Community Transport providers to purchase an electric vehicle.  These new electric vehicles are due to come into operation in late 2021/early 2022, but in advance of that we would like to hear about your current experience of travelling in community transport vehicles and your views on electric vehicles in general.

The new electric vehicles will be more environmentally friendly because they release zero emissions and are more economically efficient than diesel fuelled minibuses which are currently used by Community Transport providers, but we need your help to allow us to assess the overall impact of using electric vehicles to deliver Community Transport.  

We would really appreciate if you would complete this survey (there is no need to give us your name) so we will compare the feedback you give us now, to feedback which we will gather once the electric vehicles have been in operation for a year.

Please complete the answers based on your usual travel experiences, i.e. not where services have been interrupted due to Covid. 

Once completed return this form to your local Community Transport operator.  An envelope has been provided for this purpose. 

If you require this survey in a different format, please contact or phone 028 9054 0663.


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