Active School Travel - End of Year Questionnaire 22/23

Closed 9 Feb 2024

Opened 24 Jan 2024


You are being asked to complete this survey as a school that participated in the Active School Travel Programme in the last academic year i.e. 2022/23. We would be grateful if this could be shared with the ‘School Champion’ or person most closely involved with the Programme.

Why your views matter

The purpose of this questionnaire is to identify what aspects of the Active School Travel Programme are working well and those aspects that are not working so well. The overall aim of the Active School Travel Programme is to create a culture within the school that will encourage pupils to choose a more sustainable and active way to travel. It is important that any concerns are addressed as quickly as possible so that necessary remedial action may be taken so that a successful outcome can be achieved.


  • All stakeholders
  • Teachers
  • Stakeholders
  • Schools


  • Primary Education
  • Travel to Study
  • Transport
  • Accessibility
  • Environment
  • Public Spending
  • Research