Consultation on proposed Bovine Viral Diarrhoea (BVD) Herd Restrictions

Closed 20 Dec 2022

Opened 25 Oct 2022


This consultation seeks views on a proposal to introduce herd restrictions to eradicate Bovine Viral Diahorrea (BVD) in Northern Ireland. It also seeks views on the introduction of an additional legal requirement to test any bovines without a BVD status that were born in or entered herds prior to the introduction of the 2016 statutory scheme.

BVD is one of the most serious cattle diseases in Northern Ireland. It significantly compromises animal health which, in turn, has substantial ramifications for farm productivity. It is estimated that BVD places an economic burden of £25 million to £30 million per year on Northern Ireland industry. 

Why your views matter

This survey is aimed at industry stakeholders who have an interest in BVD eradication as well as farmers who may be impacted by the introduction of the restrictions. Responses are welcomed from anyone with an interest in, or views on, the matters covered by the consultation paper.

What happens next

Subject to the nature of the responses, the Department will then take steps to make the legislation needed to implement herd restrictions for BVD in Northern Ireland. The need for other potential additional measures to drive forward the eradication of BVD in Northern Ireland, such as requirements for neighbour notification, will be considered once herd restrictions have been implemented.  


  • All stakeholders


  • Animal Welfare