RNLD professional accountability and assurance baseline information

Closed 14 Nov 2022

Opened 8 Nov 2022

Results expected 15 Nov 2022

Feedback expected 17 Nov 2022


The Chief Nursing Officer commissioned NIPEC to establish a Task and Finish Group to rapidly build on previous learning. The group will define the roles that RNLDs should be delivering, in line with evidence-based practice, to meet the needs of the population in Northern Ireland.  Over the past few decades, in response to a better understanding of how best to meet the needs of the population of people with a learning disability there has been a shift in the strategic direction and associated models of service provision. Meeting the health and social care needs of people with a learning disability in this new landscape has presented both challenges and opportunities for RNLD’s.  As part of this work we will be examining the most effective structures and processes to enable robust professonal governance, accountability and assurance.  


Why your views matter

By completing the following questions you will be informing a baseline in respect of the professional accountability and assurance structures and processes  and will  informing future planning.  Thank you for your support 


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  • Health and social care policy