MHSPT / D&ASPT Involvement Training Needs Analysis

Closed 22 Nov 2022

Opened 4 Nov 2022


It is recognised that both the Mental Health and Drugs and Alcohol SPTs will require significant service user and carer involvement to support implementation of the associated strategies and reach agreed outcomes. This involvement will take place at different levels and some of the processes will overlap across the SPTs and other programmes of work. It has been agreed that to ensure staff in the SPTs all have an agreed baseline knowledge of involvement methods and rationales, that a training workshop will be developed.

In order to get the most from this training session, the following survey has been developed to scope current knowledge and attitudes to service user and carer involvement, along with any examples of effective involvement projects or processes you have worked on or currently facilitate. 

Please note, the survey is anonymous so feel free to be open about the challenges or barriers you feel should be addressed during the training. When collated we will develop the training session to try to best meet the collective needs of the group. 


  • Health and social care providers – statutory
  • Health professionals
  • Health and social care staff
  • Health and social care regulators


  • Quality and safety
  • Provision of health and social care services
  • Improvement of health and social care services
  • Patient/service user advocacy