Cardiac Psychoeducation Group - Post Group Evaluation

Closed 29 Jul 2022

Opened 28 Mar 2022


Dear Service User,

Thank you for attending the cardiac psychoeducation group offered by the Clinical Health Psychology Service in the Northern Health and Social Care Trust. 

In week one, we asked you to complete a brief questionnaire. We would now like you to complete it again, so that we can see if there have been any changes in how you are feeling, and provide some feedback about your experience of the group. This will help us ensure we deliver the best possible service to you and other Service Users.

If you would like to give feedback, please complete this online survey. It is entirely your choice whether or not you take part in this feedback process. 

Please do not write your name on this survey as the information you give us needs to be anonymous. Instead, you will be asked to generatate a unique identifer code on the next page.

Your anonymity will be retained through-out this process and you will not be identified in any reports written by our service for the Trust about the feedback we receive from you and other Service Users.

Many thanks for taking the time to help us by taking the time to complete this questionnaire. We hope you find the group beneficial.

Yours sincerely

Dr Hannah Ranaldi

Health Psychologist

Clinical Health Psychology Service


  • Service users/patients


  • Improvement of health and social care services