Consultation on the Re-introduction of Hospital Parking Charges

Closes 9 Jan 2024

Opened 14 Nov 2023


On 20 September the Secretary of State for Northern Ireland, Rt Hon Chris Heaton-Harris, wrote to Permanent Secretaries of Northern Ireland departments directing them to launch public consultations on measures to support budget sustainability by raising additional revenue.

Businesses and citizens all benefit from the public services and amenities provided by the government. Contributing to these services is a way of ensuring they are sustained and improved for the greater good.

The Department of Health is now seeking views on the ‘Re-introduction of Hospital Parking Charges’ as a fair and appropriate measure to generate additional income for the Health Service.

Why your views matter

Your voice matters, and your perspective is invaluable in designing a financially sustainable, inclusive, and prosperous society.

It is really important to have your say in how public services are shaped. The decisions made today will have far-reaching consequences for generations to come.

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