Consultation on Raising a Concern in the Public Interest (Whistleblowing) HSC Framework and Model Policy

Closed 9 Sep 2022

Opened 27 Jun 2022


The Raising a Concern in the Public Interest (Whistleblowing) HSC Framework and Model Policy has been developed in response to recommendations made in a review of the operation of whistleblowing arrangements across HSC organisations carried out by RQIA and published in September 2016. One of the priority recommendations was development of a model policy for raising concerns in HSC organisations across the region which also takes account of recent policy development.

The purpose of this Framework and Model Policy is to ensure that under the terms of the Public Interest Disclosure (Northern Ireland) Order 1998 (as amended) a member of staff is able to raise concerns when they believe that a person’s health may be endangered or have concerns about failure, malpractice, misconduct or illegal practice without fear of detriment or victimisation. This Framework and Model Policy also aims to improve accountability and good governance within the HSC by assuring the workforce that it is safe to raise their concerns. This draft framework is now ready for public consultation.

Why your views matter

Development of this framework is key to facilitating HSC organisations across the region in developing the process, structures and governance to ensure individuals can raise concerns without detriment, which is a key element in continuous improvement of services and ensuring patient safety. It is important that any policy put in place is therefore robust and effective in meeting this aim. The Department of Health are now seeking your views on this framework and would encourage anyone who is interested to review the related consultation documents below and respond to the consultation either via the online survey or by completing the consultation response document and returning it via email to: P&


  • Anyone from any background


  • Health and social care policy
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  • Regulation of health and social care
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