NILS Consultation Questionnaire

Closed 29 Feb 2020

Opened 7 Feb 2020


The ESRC has offered funding for the NILS-RSU for five years after the current funding cycle ends in September 2020.  The context for the NILS will be very different by 2025; it is expected that the link to the 2021 census will have been made and there might also be other, unexpected, developments.  It is therefore important to solicit views on the evolving data landscape, the NILS’ part in it, and the directions in which stakeholders and users would like the NILS to develop. These views will inform the funding bid for the NILS-RSU that will be made to the ESRC in the Spring of 2020 and also a strategic plan for wider developments that will be brought before the NILS Steering Group later this year.  You have been contacted because you are either a NILS user, you have expressed an interest in the NILS, or else your organisation has provided data or funding for the NILS.

The consultation is interested in gathering your ideas and suggestions.  It therefore does not take the form of a series of closed questions but instead uses open questions to solicit your opinions.  The form is available online at and seeks your views on the following general three activity areas:

  • NILS development – potential future data linkages
  • Research support – what support is provided to NILS users and how
  • NILS impact – increasing the academic, policy and public use profile of the NILS

Guidance on these three areas will be provided in the form to give you more information on the topics of interest but please do not take these as definitive – we are interested in hearing things that are important to you but that may not have occurred to us. 

As with all work areas, funding and resources for the NILS are of course finite. As such any future NILS developments will be governed by a number of factors including the views of data providers, available funding/ resources and other agreed NILS related priorities.

Time is relatively short for the consultation given expected external timetables so the consultation closes on 29th February 2020.  We would urge you to take part. we want to hear your views. If you have any further questions please contact Dr Ian Shuttleworth, Dr Estelle Lowry, or Dr Colm Lavery (RSU).

Ian Shuttleworth

Estelle Lowry

NILS Research Support Unit

Why your views matter

The purpose of this questionnaire is to identify areas of success and, more importantly, areas in which the NILS can improve. To provide a better service, NILS-RSU need user feedback. The views and opinions expressed by the NILS users are essential, and any comments or suggestions made will inform any decisions made by the consultation panel.


  • Research


  • Population Statistics