Infrastructure 2050 - Draft Investment Strategy for Northern Ireland Consultation

Closed 20 Apr 2022

Opened 26 Jan 2022

Results expected 31 May 2022


High-quality physical and digital infrastructure is the foundation of all modern economies and is required for a fair and just society. Infrastructure is used by everyone every day. It enables the provision of healthcare, education, housing and transport. It delivers the water we drink and the energy that heats and powers our homes. It is needed to protect our environment, support our jobs and connect us to the rest of the world. It touches all our lives and will form our legacy to our children.

The Executive’s vision for infrastructure is that it will enable everyone to lead a healthy, productive and fulfilling life, and that it will support sustainable economic development and protect our environment.

This strategy sets out how the Executive will achieve this vision. It provides a clear framework for planning and prioritising infrastructure investment, defining the outcomes required of that investment and setting out the mechanisms, including greater collaboration that will ensure its efficient and effective delivery.

Why your views matter

Our infrastructure is critical to our well-being, our success, our prosperity and our future. If we are to invest in infrastructure successfully to address the long-term issues we will face in the coming decades, government must work with citizens and organisations to use their knowledge and expertise to help guide and develop an Infrastructure Strategy that benefits us all.

The ISNI team would like to thank those organisations and individuals who contributed to the extensive engagement during the scoping phase. To ensure our thinking is sound, we want you to tell us what you think of our assessment of the infrastructure needs, and priorities going forward.

The draft Infrastructure 2050, the Equality Impact Assessment, and the Rural Needs Impact Assessment can be viewed through the links below.

What happens next

The consultation on the draft Investment Strategy for Northern Ireland closes on 20th April 2022. Following consideration of all responses, including the draft Equality Impact Assessment (EQIA) and Rural Needs Impact Assessment (RNIA), a full analysis report will be prepared for Executive consideration.



  • Anyone from any background


  • NI