Construction Supplier Survey

Closes 31 Aug 2022

Opened 21 Jul 2022


The Finance Minister reconstituted the Procurement Board in December 2020 to bring together industry representatives and public procurement experts to develop fresh policy initiatives to ensure procurement practice can meet the challenges of today’s markets.

Recognising the need to modernise procurement practices, the existing suite of Procurement Guidance Notes were reviewed with the Board agreeing they should be replaced with new Sourcing and Construction Toolkits to provide procurement practitioners with guidance to focus on better market management and early supplier engagement; and improved financial appraisal and tender evaluation.

The bureaucracy and complexity of the tender process is often highlighted as a concern for many suppliers. The Toolkits, which are modelled on the Cabinet Office’s Sourcing and Construction Playbooks are designed to encourage a more focussed commercial approach to contracting.


Why your views matter

The bureaucracy & complexity of the tender process is often highlighted as a concern for many suppliers.

The purpose of the survey is to seek your feedback on your experiences of tendering for government construction contracts here.  We would also value your perspective on the Toolkits which can be found here. The Toolkits are sizeable documents, including comprehensive details of best practice for contracting authorities and procurement staff across the end to end procurement lifecycle.

We understand it is important that we review our processes to make it as easy as possible for suppliers to bid for government contracts and to deliver them successfully. We would therefore appreciate you taking the time to complete this survey as an opportunity to influence how we procure goods and services in the future.


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