Maximum taxi fare review consultation

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Closes 7 Oct 2022

Ministerial Foreward

My officials are in the process of undertaking a 2022 review of the current maximum taxi fare with a view to potentially implementing an increase. The review has considered a number of costs, including fuel and labour, insurance, vehicle tax and the cost of depot rent. Benchmarking with other jurisdictions has also been carried out.

I am now inviting the public, the taxi industry, both operators and drivers and relevant stakeholders to provide their views on the proposal to potentially increase the maximum taxi fare tariff across the North.

I am very aware of the difficult environment the taxi industry are currently operating in and I want to support the industry where I can. The impact of the Ukraine war with unprecedented fuel costs and high inflation hitting driver labour and operating costs, plus the decreasing number of drivers, are all having a heavy impact on the industry.

In considering an increase to the maximum fare I want to support drivers and operators in their ability to earn a fair income and an increase may go some way to encouraging new drivers into the taxi industry. However I need to balance this with the needs of taxi customers, including vulnerable passengers.  I am mindful that the citizens of the North are in a cost of living crisis and many are struggling to meet day to day costs and so they are not in a position to incur increased taxi fares.

I believe this is an important economic and societal issue and I would encourage all those with a vested interest to contribute to this consultation process. Once the responses to the consultation have been analysed, officials will provide a report for consideration.

I look forward to hearing from you.

John O’Dowd MLA

Minister for Infrastructure

August 2022