Allocation of Additional Fishing Quota in Northern Ireland in 2022

Closed 22 Apr 2022

Opened 11 Mar 2022

Feedback expected 1 Aug 2022

Results updated 16 Aug 2022

In March and April 2022, the Departmental consulted on the allocation of Northern Ireland’s share of Additional Quota gained following EU Exit. The consultation proposed that additional quota be managed differently from existing quota, not automatically allocated following the FQA basis as was the case in 2021. Within the consultation period there were 63 online responses, 4 written submissions, 2 meeting requests and 1 phone call (in lieu of a meeting). These came from various fishing industry groups (sector / non-sector fishermen), processors, quota managers, and fishermen’s representatives (including the Producer Organisations).

A summary of the responses is provided.

The Fisheries Act 2020 established a new fisheries policy for the UK, requiring criteria on how quotas should be allocated, including consideration of factors such as the contribution of fishing to the local economy and historic catch levels.

Some respondents identified some concerns over the consultation content and scope. As a result various representations were made to the Minister following the closure of the consultation. The Minister has now made a decision based on the consultation findings and subsequent meetings. This response is attached, but in summary the Department will:

  • Allocate 50t additional quota of Nephrops Area 7 quota to the nonsector (including associated bycatches).
  • Allocate 50t additional quota of Irish Sea herring to the Mourne shore fishery.
  • Allocate 374t of herring quota to the Producer Organisations to support an exploratory fishery by non-quota holding vessels (midsized trawlers).
  • Review the need for any additional scientific quota in 2022, and allocate if needed.
  • Allocate all other additional quotas following the FQA allocation method.
  • Agree to examine any further requests for differential allocation in preparation for 2023 allocations.



DAERA would like to consult on the allocation and use of the additional fishing quota allocated to Northern Ireland as a result of the UK leaving the EU.  Additional quota is the increased share of the available quota, on top of that previously allocated (existing quota) whilst the UK was a member of the EU and represents new fishing opportunities for Northern Ireland.  The consultation will consider the main options for allocating the additional quota to the NI fishing fleet

Why your views matter


The consultation only covers the Northern Ireland’s share of additional quota allocation and will therefore be primarily of interest to owners of fishing vessels administered by DAERA. It will also be of interest to other marine stakeholders with an interest in marine sustainability. We invite views from anyone who wishes to provide their view on the policy.

What happens next


This consultation is the principle means by which we will gather views on the issue. The responses and comments to this consultation will be analysed and fed into DAERA’s decision making process. Final decisions on the issues under consideration will also take account of a range of other factors, including any other available information and research evidence.

DAERA may make the responses to this consultation paper available to the public and to the Northern Ireland Assembly.

DAERA will acknowledge responses and may publish an analysis of the responses after the consultation.


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